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Our site is dedicated to promoting dune and dune related safety through education and thoughtful discussion about a variety of subjects including safe dunning practices, safe and courteous camping and even safe RV’ing and towing. We are hoping to affect a social change that will ripple throughout the off-road community and change the public's perception of us as a group.

There are many groups out there fighting in the political arena to keep our dunes open and accessible, but we firmly believe that without a fundamental social change and a shift in public perception, those fights will never be won.  Perhaps we are being idealists in trying to start this non-partisan effort, but it is a challenge we are more than willing to tackle, and we hope that you will join us along the way because we can't do it without you!!!

Every Duner is important is a sentiment that is sometimes hard to swallow, but we understand that as kids grow older, buy their own trucks and toys, they end up back in the dunes on their own with their own group of friends, and hopefully return with their families years later.  We are working to create a visibly safe environment where riders without helmets, without flags, racing around camps, unsupervised children, burning pallets and other unsafe fuels, and acts showing a lack of basic courtesy and respect for others are the exceptions both in the dunes and in the public perception.  Although many of the projects we are working on are aimed at kids and their families, this is only a starting point

Education is key to success and perhaps our biggest challenge.  No one likes to be told what to do while they are out enjoying the dunes, and we recognize that many go to the dunes for precisely that reason—to do whatever they please without someone constantly looking over their shoulder.  However, the past has proven that general disregard for the written and unwritten rules of the desert leads to more regulations and closures.




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DuneSafe will have a presence at the Sand Sports Super Show this year!

 We will be in Building 16, Booth 7118. Stop by and see us while your at the show!


Duning it Right!

The weekend after the train wreck on my way to camp (wash 24), I came across 2 rigs stuck in wash 19. I became a third. Coming in the night before, Mike knew the road conditions...